Property Management
Property Group Partners has the talent and expertise to manage all aspects of its property assets. It has strong operating controls in place, including centralized cash management, lease administration, accounting and construction supervision. Property management and leasing is done by regional vice presidents, who provide input in all management decisions for their markets and complete monthly reports.

Local management allows the Property Group to develop outstanding tenant relations by establishing a direct relationship between the tenant and the landlord without intermediaries. It also enables the company to stay informed about market shifts.

As an on-site owner and manager, the Property Group has secured a reputation as a responsive and attentive property manager with customized internal programs.
Meeting the Needs of Tenants
  • Establishment of operating procedures
  • Preparation of annual operating budget
  • Supervision, service and building maintenance
  • Landscaping and grounds
  • Tenant portal website
  • Review and contestation of property
    tax assessments
  • Supervision and construction of
    capital improvements
  • Periodic evaluation of need for
    major refurbishment program
  • Green building programs

Case Studies
Washington, DC
1,600,000 Square Feet
Washington, DC
393,000 Square Feet
New York, New York
154,953 Square Feet